Celebrating 25 Years of Simplifying the International Healthcare Experience

On February 19, 1997 the company that would become GeoBlue was incorporated. Today, we are proud to celebrate 25 years of daring to be different. Daring and different aren’t words commonly associated with a health insurance company, but we’re not like other health insurance companies.

25 years

“25 years ago, GeoBlue was built on innovation and the courage to try new things. We grew and evolved because of resolve, adaptability and putting service at the heart of what we do. Now as we look forward to the future, our people’s dedication and passion to go the extra mile for our customers will only grow stronger. Our team is committed to providing frictionless, high-tech, high-touch health insurance solutions. We will continue to push for what’s possible with one purpose in mind – to simplify the international healthcare experience for our globally mobile members and partners. Happy anniversary, GeoBlue! To the next 25 years and beyond!”

–Diego Fernández, GeoBlue President and Chief Executive Officer 

Long before we were an insurance company, we were a technology company.

We built a hand-picked network of Western-trained, English-speaking doctors around the world and used our technical expertise to put this network online.

We won accolades for our technology and blazed a trail for our industry to follow.

We launched our first mobile site in 2007 and in 2009 were among the first insurance companies to launch a mobile app. We won patents for our appointment scheduling technology and were named a Deloitte Fast 50 in Philadelphia and a Deloitte Fast 500 globally. In fact, many of our competitors licensed our digital tools, recognizing our leadership in this area.

Technology and personalized service have been a part of our DNA from the very beginning.

From curating a hand-picked network of doctors to leveraging the internet to help members find quality care around the world, our focus has always been on providing high tech, high touch service.

We’ve succeeded in a market of behemoths because of our agility, adaptability and grit.

We expanded to the student market thanks to the acquisition of Worldwide Insurance Services in 1999. Recognizing the power of technology to connect and simplify, we developed and launched 30 destination apps in the Apple store in 2010.

Pushing boundaries and going where others won’t is core to who we are.

In 2004, we built our own in-house medical assistance team to deliver a higher level of service we felt our members deserved, than what we were getting with outsourced vendors. Today, we remain the only provider with a medical assistance capability built in-house. Seeing a gap in the market, we developed the BCBS Global Traveler Companion product, allowing us to expand the market for our products while offering BCBS Plans a market-differentiating solution against other domestic insurers.

Our innovation, agility and entrepreneurial spirit caught the attention of the industry.

Thanks to our leading-edge technology, hand-picked network and service reputation, WellPoint (which later rebranded to Anthem) made a multi-million investment in 2003 which paved the way for the eventual investment by 13 other BCBS Plans in 2009 and Bupa in 2014.

Our long-standing client relationships speak to the care and passion we bring to what we do.

Our longest-tenured client has been with us since 1998. 40% of our university clients have been with us for more than 10 years and 10% of our corporate clients have been with us for more than 10 years.

As we celebrate the past 25 years, we look to the future, confident and ready to forge our own path, with one purpose in mind – simplifying the international healthcare experience for our globally mobile members.