Celebrating 25 Years of Simplifying the International Healthcare Experience


Company Founded


Incorporated in February 1997, the company, then known as Highway to Health (HTH) was founded to help U.S.-based travelers identify and access quality healthcare around the world. To do that, HTH developed a network of Western-trained, English-speaking doctors around the world and made this database available online to travelers.


Enter Student Market


Through its acquisition of Worldwide Insurance Services, the company pivoted from solely providing digital services to offering international health insurance products for the university market.


Expat and Traveler Products Launched


The company launched insurance products for short-term leisure and business travelers as well as expatriates living and working abroad.


Began Licensing Web Tools and Content


The company began licensing its web tools and content to a large international insurer for use by their expatriate members and also struck content licensing deals with Frommers and Yahoo!


Investment from Anthem®
Blue Cross® and Blue Shield®


WellPoint (now Anthem) invested in the company which paved the way for the eventual investment by 13 other Blue Cross Blue Shield entities in 2009 and Bupa in 2014.


In-house Medical Assistance Team Created


The company built its own in-house medical assistance team which provides medical assistance, monitoring and evacuations to its globally mobile members. Today, GeoBlue® remains the only U.S.-based global health insurer with a medical assistance capability built in-house.


Mobile Site Launched


HTH launched its first mobile site, providing travelers with on-the-go access to healthcare tools and services.


Deloitte Fast 50 Recognition


The company was named one of greater Philadelphia's fastest growing companies in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in the area.


Awarded Patent for Appointment Scheduling System


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent to the company for its system of arranging appointments with medical providers via desktop and mobile devices all around the world, which was a feature of its mPassport® iPhone applications covering many destinations outside the U.S.


Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Recognition


The company was named to Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 for North America, ranking 323rd among the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies.


mPassport Wins Media Accolades


The company's mPassport mobile site is named a Newsweek Pick of the Week and Find of the Day by Forbes. mPassport allows users to search for carefully selected, English-speaking doctors in 180 countries and request an appointment on short notice.


Became a Blue Cross
Blue Shield Licensee


A consortium of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans invested in the company, which then became an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, trading as GeoBlue.


iPhone App Launched


Just two years after the launch of the iPhone, the company launched its first destination-based downloadable app for Paris and would eventually have an app for more than 30 destinations around the world.


Contracted Provider Network Expands


By 2009, the company had 5,000 contracted providers in its global medical network.


mPassport Named a Top Product of the Year


Human Resources Executive magazine named mPassport one of the top products of the year for its innovation and the resulting value it provides to human resources professionals who are charged with ensuring the health and well-being of their globally mobile employees.


Launch of GeoBlue-Branded Expat Products


The company launched group expatriate products under the GeoBlue brand.


Expansion of Medicine Equivalents Tool


The company's mobile and online brand name medicine equivalents tool for world travelers was expanded to include equivalents for medications in South Korea, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, adding to its international database of over 6,200 brand names for nearly 400 compounds in 28 of the most frequently visited countries around the world. Today, the tool offers nearly 8,500 brand names for over 400 compounds in 55 countries.


Individual Products Launched


The company launched individual expatriate and short-term international health plans under the GeoBlue brand.


Bupa Invests in GeoBlue


Bupa acquired a 49% interest in GeoBlue, creating a global partnership between Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bupa.


GeoBlue Facilitates Access to BlueCard Network for Bupa


GeoBlue successfully implemented U.S. network solutions for Bupa, providing 350,000 Bupa Global customers with access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network in the U.S.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Branded Products Launch


GeoBlue and Bupa jointly launched Blue Cross Blue Shield Global branded products for the expatriate market.


GeoBlue Becomes Administrator of Blue Card Worldwide


GeoBlue became the administrator of BlueCard Worldwide, now known as Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core, the program that enables over 80 million Blue Cross Blue Shield plan holders to use their U.S. benefits overseas.


Bupa Global Network Integration


GeoBlue corporate members gained access to the Bupa Global network for care outside the U.S.


Launch of Global TeleMDTM


The company launched a global telemedicine solution, Global TeleMD, that provides 24/7/365 confidential access to international doctors via telephone or secure video call through a mobile app. This service provides medical guidance, same-day virtual appointments and prescription referral letters wherever members are around the world.


Expansion of Medical Assistance Partnerships


GeoBlue became the assistance provider for CanAssistance, a subsidiary of Canassurance Hospital Service Association, allowing eligible travelers of Canadian Blue Cross Plans to access the BlueCard PPO network in the U.S.


GeoBlue Travel Medical Plans Available on Blue365®


GeoBlue provided members of Blue365 with access to an exclusive 5% discount on single trip and annual multi-trip plans. Blue365 is the free health and wellness discount program for members of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.