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Proactive Steps to Stay Healthy While Traveling4 min read
Healthy Travel
December 05, 2019, Danielle Owen
Healthy travel doesn’t start at your boarding call. Here are the most important steps to take long before you pack your bags: 1. Start with a Healthy Gut Yes, I’m talking about the probiotic craze. They can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling to destinations notorious for tummy troubles. But don’t …
Thai Crunch Salad2 min read
Healthy Travel
December 02, 2019, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
This vibrant salad is the ideal way to use up leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving dinner, and its fresh and punchy flavors are the perfect way to lighten up and wake up your taste buds after a rich meal. Fiber and water-rich cabbage helps boost digestion and hydration, and mint eases any stomach …
5 Countries that Also Celebrate Thanksgiving3 min read
Healthy Travel
November 25, 2019, Jamie Cattanach
As far as true-blue, all-American holidays are concerned, Thanksgiving Day is second only to the Fourth of July — though some of our favorite narratives about its historical precedent might not be entirely accurate.   But whether or not the Pilgrims ate turkey or personally invited the Native Americ…
Koh Lanta: The “Just Right” Thai Island 4 min read
Healthy Travel
November 22, 2019, Danielle Owen
I frequently refer to Thailand as “Backpacking for Dummies.” You don’t come to Thailand in hopes of ditching the beaten track. You come for the ease. And perhaps the pad Thai.  The first time I ventured to the infamous sandy beaches in the south of The Land of Smiles, I was meeting my boyfriend afte…