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Best Travel Apps for 20203 min read
Healthy Travel
January 16, 2020, Danielle Owen
Advancements in technology have completely changed the face of travel in the past decade, and new travel apps are continuing to make booking travel, planning trips, eating abroad, splitting costs, and tracking your movements easier every day. My favorite apps going into 2020 do all those things. Fro…
What To Do When You Get Sick Abroad3 min read
Healthy Travel
January 10, 2020, Erica Hayton
Nothing ruins a vacation faster than getting sick. You’ve planned your trip, taken time away from work and spent your hard-earned cash on flights, hotels, and tours all to get hit with an illness that leaves you stuck in bed.  Unfortunately, it happens pretty often. Between packing stress, cramped f…
Cauliflower Potato Latkes 2 min read
Healthy Travel
January 08, 2020, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
A traditional treat during Hanukkah celebrations, potato latkes are as symbolic as they are delicious. The addition of riced cauliflower stretches this recipe without detracting from the flavor, giving you more latkes bang for your buck. Serve these traditionally with apple sauce or sour cream, or u…
Ease Your Winter Blues on These Beaches4 min read
Healthy Travel
January 03, 2020, Nicole Jenet
The winter months can be tough. The temperatures drop, snow and sleet coat the streets, and there’s less daylight. Some people bundle up and just trudge through the season, whereas others can become downright melancholy – or even depressed. When someone has the winter blues, a.k.a. seasonal affectiv…