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Buying Global Health Insurance? How COVID-19 May Impact Your Eligibility3 min read
Healthy Travel
May 27, 2020, Joe Cronin
For many expatriates, finding adequate health insurance coverage is just another box to tick when planning their global adventure. COVID-19 has changed that and underscores the importance of having a comprehensive health insurance plan. And as this pandemic continues to impact the world, I am increa…
Roasted Root Vegetable Soup2 min read
Healthy Travel
May 14, 2020, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
If properly stored in a cool, dark spot, most root vegetables will keep for weeks if not months, making them the ideal ingredient for healthy quarantine cooking. This adaptable soup recipe tastes deceptively rich and savory, thanks to an oven roast that caramelizes the natural sugars in root vegetab…
5 Books That Capture the Spirit of Travel – Part II4 min read
Healthy Travel
May 08, 2020, Danielle Owen
Sometimes a book’s travel spirit lives not only in voyages to faraway places through the pages, but also in travels through time or journeys of self-discovery. Last month, we shared some of our favorite books about traveling.  Here are five more of our favorite travel books, perfect for days stuck a…
4 Ways to Adventure Without Getting on a Plane3 min read
Healthy Travel
April 30, 2020, Cassie Drumm
It can be hard to find adventures with so many travel restrictions and mandates in place because of COVID-19. How can you satisfy your wanderlust spirit while still maintaining social distance and other health precautions? While we usually share international travel tips with you here at Healthy Tra…