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Paris: Vegetarian Eats on a Budget3 min read
Healthy Travel
May 18, 2018, Alissa Valentine
Paris. The City of Lights. It’s a great place to take in art, history and savor the (arguably?) best wine in the world. But finding a vegetarian restaurant? Not what Paris is necessarily known for, but a recent trip there proved that there are plenty of good vegetarian meals to be had. Here are a [&…
4 Active Adventures in Cartagena de Indias7 min read
Healthy Travel
May 04, 2018, Amritha Joseph
Going on vacation to a beach town doesn’t mean you have to be a beach bum. In the colorful coastal city of Cartagena, Colombia, for instance, there are many active things to do in between soaking up the sun on Playa Blanca and scarfing down arepas from one of the many street vendors. My husband and …
The Geneva Pass: Inexpensive Adventures in Switzerland2 min read
Healthy Travel
April 30, 2018, Alissa Valentine
Geneva, Switzerland, is often ranked as one of the world’s most expensive cities. However, it’s also considered a great travel destination since it’s near the Swiss Alps, the chocolate it produces has an amazing reputation, and it’s home to the United Nations. As a student traveler, I prioritize pla…
Recipe: Vietnamese Summer Roll Salad2 min read
Healthy Travel
April 20, 2018, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
Traditionally served as a roll wrapped in rice paper, this Vietnamese classic tastes just as good in a simple to assemble salad. Naturally gluten free rice noodles serve as the base for lots of bright and healthy vegetables, protein packed tofu, and a creamy peanut dressing you’ll want to put on eve…