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Mushroom Toast with Pesto3 min read
Healthy Travel
July 24, 2020, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
This freezer and pantry friendly recipe relies on a few shelf-stable basics to elevate the humble mushroom to a crave-worthy meal. Rich in energy-boosting B vitamins and immune system bolstering vitamin D, mushrooms are an ideal ingredient to add to your quarantine grocery list. They also contain a …
What Kind of Mask Should I Wear?4 min read
Healthy Travel
July 14, 2020, Cassie Drumm
It’s been an adjustment getting used to wearing masks while traveling, during holiday gatherings and in public places like the grocery store. But it’s clear that in order to protect those around us from getting sick, masks are here to stay. Thankfully, the variety of masks to choose from has expande…
Easy Homemade Hummus2 min read
Healthy Travel
June 26, 2020, Elizabeth Palmer Califano
This Middle Eastern favorite is a perfect healthy snack option to keep on hand. If social distancing or under-stocked stores have you unable to pick up your favorite pre-made hummus, this recipe makes it quick and simple to prepare your own from pantry staples you probably have on hand. Take this op…
5 Travel Podcasts to Listen to This Summer 2 min read
Healthy Travel
June 15, 2020, Erica Hayton
Summer is usually the perfect time to take an adventure. Unfortunately, this year, travel (like many other things) is looking a lot different.  With so much uncertainty over the safety of travel during the pandemic, many people are choosing to keep their summer vacations a little closer to home. How…